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A range of Danfoss air source heat pump systems that heat pumps Ireland offers

Warm, no matter what

D anfoss air source heat pumps provide an alternative low cost solution for space heating and hot water. A typical return on investment against oil and LPG fed heating systems the return can take as little as 5 years. Air source heat pumps are also suitable for hot water and comfort cooling applications which provide a comprehensive solution for both domestic and commercial applications.


  • No drilling needed
  • Lower installation costs
  • No impact on the ground
  • Normally no obligation to report installation to municipal environmental health boards

Air source heat pumps use a refrigeration process to transfer low grade energy from the air outside into high grade energy used for heating and domestic hot water.

The efficiency of our air source heat pumps means that regardless the outdoor weather conditions, your customers will not have to worry for being cold inside.

Comfort & Flexibility

E ven at temperatures as low as -20˚C, an air source heat pump can supply heating and hot water to a property – and with no local C02 emissions, it helps reducing the impact on the environment.

Danfoss' air source heat pumps offer convenience and flexibility. With a wide range of different heat pumps and accessories, you can tailor a heat pump to your customers' needs. These flexible heating systems are designed to suit to various individual needs, regardless sizes.

Danfoss DHP-AQ air to water heat pump

What's in it for you?

Best Seasonal Performance
At Danfoss, we are proud to provide you with a pump that offers the best seasonal performance on the market. Seasonal performance is a measure of how efficiently the pump converts energy in the air to heat, which provides heating and domestic hot water. The Swedish Energy Agency has conducted a large test of air/water heat pumps. Of the eleven heat pump models in the test, DHP-AQ from Danfoss yields the biggest savings. It also has top results when it comes to hot water temperature, low noise levels and low energy losses.
50+ Applications Supported
The DHP-AQ is the choice for heating, cooling, new-build and retrofit – and it supports 50+ predefined applications. Whether you are commissioning a pump for a single family or multi-family home, a new build project or a retrofit project, the DHP-AQ provides heating and domestic hot water regardless of the temperature required in the heating system. It has been tested thoroughly in combination with such applications as: existing gas/oil boilers, solar systems, pool applications, combinations with most hot water tanks.
Acoustic Performance
Acoustically engineered mechanical design: a design feature that lowers the sound level of the DHP-AQ to the lowest level on the market. The outdoor unit of the heat pump can be placed where it’s most convenient without worrying about sound issues.
Simple Installation
The simple installation process of the DHP-AQ saves installer valuable time. You simply connect the pump to the main supply and the controller connection, and you’re done! The no-hassle installation also includes these features: • Pre-fabricated indoor kits with no individual parts placed outside the cabinet • A built-in stand and a heated drip-tray • Plug and play electrical installation with connection to the controller via a communication cable (three-part wire) • The OPTI functionality includes self-commissioning – once installed you know that the system is running optimally • No refrigeration handling is needed since all pumps come refrigerant-charged
Stay hot in the cold
The efficiency of the DHP-AQ enables it to perform perfectly at very low outdoor temperatures. Even at -20°C it will keep a house comfortably heated. State-of-the-art defrosting technology ensures the energy efficiency and full functionality of the heat pump even during a cold winter. The defrosting system of the DHP-AQ is fully demand controlled and will only run when necessary. The built-in heated drip-tray ensures that condensed water is channelled away properly from the heat pump.

Danfoss dometic air source heat pump range

A range of Danfoss air to water heat pump systems

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