Installer Training

G reat Installer training is vital for any Successful Plumbing Contractor for ongoing success. Our acclaimed Training Team are experts in their field and is responsible for training hundreds of Installers around Ireland North and South.
The areas which are covered by our Training Team include:
  • Thermia Heatpumps - background information
  • Heat pumps – The basic theory, facts & applications
  • Thermia product range: Geothermal & Air/Water Systems
  • System Installation, Commissioning & trouble shooting
  • Sizing a heatpump (kW)
  • Comparison to Oil/Gas & Solar as the min requirements
  • Part L Compliance
  • Cost v Payback (mostly retro-fit)
  • Underfloor heating
  • Q&A
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Thermia School of Heatpump Technology

THERMIA HEAT PUMP TRAINING ACADEMY: Heat Pumps Ireland can also offer their 'Thermia installers'  Exclusive training at the Thermia School of Heat Pump Technology in Arvika, Sweden.
This 2 days Advanced Heat Pump training programme is recommended for those who have been working for a while with installation and service on heat pumps and need deeper knowledge. The education contains a lot of practical exercises with some theoretical parts. After the education you will have deeper knowledge about:
  • Function of the refrigerant circuit
  • Control equipment and control technique
  • Failure search
  • Exchange of defect parts
For more information: Call Deirdre in our Training Department on 1890-942 800 or CLICK HERE