PV Solar Panels

PV Solar Panels convert daylight to electricity to help power your heat pump, home appliances, and electric vehicle. 

The system can have an added battery which stores excess electricity produced once the home is fulfilled. 

A hot water booster system can also be added as a third destination for further produced electric. Any extra kilowats after all systems are filled will be sent to the National Grid. From January 2022 you will receive payment for any kW fed back to the grid from your home.

PV Panels can reduce your electriciy bills by up to 50%; this will increase during the brighter months, even in Ireland. 

These systems can perfectly integrate with your heat pump system, adding to your savings on home heating.

Grants of up to €3000 are available for your home PV and storage battery installation. 

How PV Panels Work

PV Panel Systems Available

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